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Join thousands of Canadians fighting for Canadian farmers and ranchers and opposing warning labels on the ground beef we love.


Health Canada is proposing regulations that would require ground beef sold in stores to carry a “high in” saturated fat warning label. This could lead consumers to believe that ground beef is unhealthy when in fact, it’s a nutrient-rich, wholesome source of protein that Canadians rely on.

Ground beef is a foundational food for Canadian families and a staple in households from coast to coast to coast. It’s one of the most affordable, convenient, and accessible sources of proteins available to Canadians.

Now, more than ever, we need to ensure Canadians continue to have access to affordable, accessible, and whole, nutritious foods, like ground beef. With inflation costs and food prices rising, we can’t afford Health Canada’s proposed warning label on ground beef. It risks affordability and has far-reaching negative economic and nutritional impacts on Canadians, especially the most vulnerable.  

The Facts

It’s good for you. Ground beef is a nutrient-dense protein that contributes iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients that our bodies rely on.

Canadians rely on ground beef to feed their families because it’s affordable, accessible, and nutrient-rich.

It’s good for the economy. Canadian farmers and ranchers produce high-quality, nutritious, accessible and affordable ground beef, and through the supply chain with meat processors, feed Canadian families and provide them with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

The Issue

Health Canada’s warning label is inconsistent.

Health Canada wants to put a warning label on ground beef, a natural whole food offering consumers a source of vital nutrients, including fats. At the same time, some highly processed, sugary and high in saturated fat foods like soda, chips and cookies are exempt from Health Canada’s labels. It doesn’t make sense.

No other country is doing it.

No other country has required single-ingredient products like beef to have warning labels. If Health Canada succeeds with its label, Canada will be the only jurisdiction in the world to place a health warning label on ground beef.  

It will negatively impact consumer health.

Health Canada’s objective is to increase consumer health, but reductions in ground beef consumption will not impact Canadians’ overall saturated fat intake. Ground beef is a minor contributor to the overall saturated fat Canadians are consuming. Instead, it will affect the most vulnerable populations, including women and children, who require important nutrients from ground beef.